Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31, 2012: John's Pizzeria (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 31, OCTOBER 31st, 2012

LOCATION: John's Pizzeria (260 W. 44th St, NYC)

ORDER: 4 slices of Italian sausage

GUEST:  Ruby Marez

King of the coal ovens.  Less than a block from Times Square on Broadway's Great White Way, John's Pizzeria sports not one but four coal-fired ovens in this exquisitely renovated ex-cathedral.  Whether looking for a family friendly Italian restaurant or looking to meet up for a slice in a central locale, John's two story high spacious dining area and bar are happy to accommodate.  I recommend getting the Italian sausage pie since the meat tastes fresh from the butcher and the savory tomato sauce complements the meat with rich zest.  Ask for extra sauce since it was used rather sparingly on my slice.  I would also recommend upgrading to fresh mozzarella cheese since the default low moisture mozzarella is not the same caliber as the sausage it surrounds.  Regardless of the toppings, the crust at John's Pizzeria midtown is cooked masterfully.  The dough is stretched uniformly thin, and cooked under the watchful eye so as to char without burning the outer edge and crisp up the underside for a firm-yet-chewy pie that passes the folding test with flying colors.  I will be back...often.

 4.05 out of 5
  • VALUE:


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17/21 = .810 x 5 = 4.05

1. Ruby and I both know politics is not a great talking topic but this close to the election, it's practically inevitable. 
2. We went costume shopping after we ate.  Ruby is going as Snow White and I'm going as Dexter.
3. Broadway is open for business post Hurricane Sandy.  It's nice to see the lights on Broadway!

3. The last slice...

Thus ends Pizza Month 2012. Thank you, everyone who made this possible!


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