Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 22, 2012: Harry's Italian Pizza Bar (Fin. District, NYC)

DAY 22, OCTOBER 22nd, 2012

LOCATION: Harry's Italian Pizza Bar (225 Murray St, NYC)

ORDER: 4.5 slices of and Old Fashioned Pizza with Pepperoni

GUEST: Dave Thunder

All the best ingredients for a good time.  Catering primarily to the denizens of the Financial District, Harry's Italian Pizza Bar offers multiple seating arrangements conducive to both upscale post-work mingling as well as fancy family style dining.   Oh, and the pizza is solid too.  It's even more "solid" when you order a non-meat topping. The added weight of the greasy pepperoni to the high quality mozzarella cheese and generous layer of rich tomato sauce resulted in uneven baking.  The gas-powered deck oven cooked the outer edge of the signature rectangular "Old Fashioned" pie much better than the center.  This resulted in a softer, chewier underside and a droopier, two-hands-required eating experience.  Fortunately, the quality of the component parts made each greasy bite more delicious than the last.  It only took two of us to completely devour the entire pie.  Since it is a pizza "bar," look out for Harry's upcoming happy hour deals on pitchers and pies.  If you're single, it looks like a great place to mingle!


  3.69 out of 5
  • VALUE:


  • TASTE:


15.5/21 = .738 * 5 = 3.69

1. Dave Thunder lives a couple of blocks away with his fiancee.  He and I both met our significant others at the Magnet Theater.  Both were interns.
2. This was my first up close look at the new World Trade Center.  It's beautiful and the tallest building I have ever seen.

3. Also, there's a model of the new lower Manhattan that snapped a photo of too.


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Anonymous said...

Delicious pizza! Very filling with lots of cheese. Wonderful sauce and dough.

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