Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 29, Pizza Month 2011 - Antica Focacceria Francesco (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

DAY 29: OCTOBER 29th, 2011

LOCATION: Antica Focacceria Francesco (Via Alessandro Paternostro 58, Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

ORDER: 1 slice of sfincione

GUEST: Robin Rothman

1. Robin and I have been living in NYC for years and never rode one of those red double-decker buses. We went on one in Palermo and it was cool. You get 24 hours to hop-on and hop-off anytime one comes around. Also, it's like a really high up convertible.

2. Palermo has one of the coolest Botanical Gardens called Orto Botanica. In addition to cool looking trees, there's turtles and a cafe for cappuccinos!


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