Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 5, Pizza Month 2010 - Zigolinis Pizza Bar (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)

DAY 5: OCTOBER 5th, 2010

LOCATION: Zigolinis Pizza Bar (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)

ORDER: half of a personal Margherita, half of a personal Zigolinis

GUEST: Robin Rothman

Tasty, trendy, 'talian.

Zigolini's Pizza Bar makes "pizza and beer" classy. Providing a late night traditional Italian pizza option, Zigolinis caters to both the post-theater crowd and nocturnal New Yorkers. It is also hip enough, dark enough, and expensive enough to be considered "date worthy."

While the oven may not have been imported from Italy, the man who made it sure was. Giuseppe Paciullo from Salerno constructed the oven and will likely construct your mouthwatering pizza. Judging by the size of the outer edge of the personal sized pizzas, Giuseppe is proudest of his crust. It truly does have that freshly baked bread tasted with just enough salt to make the Peroni on draft taste all that much better. I, personally, prefer more sauce and cheese on a personal pies but only because the high quality of the sauce and cheese served on every Zigolini's pie.

I strongly recommend the specialty pizza called the "Zigolinis". The creamy burrata di bufala DOC works as a perfect foil for the spicy sopressata picante. If that wasn't enough, they throw on some delicious mushrooms, tomato sauce, and extra virgin olive oil for a taste not soon to be forgotten.


4.16 out of 5

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17.5/21 = .833 x 5 = 4.16

1. The Hell's Kitchen location is the second Zigolini's in Manhattan. The original Zigolini's resides in the financial district.
2. Robin Rothman and I live in a very cozy apartment a few blocks away. Needless to say, we'll be back.

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