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Day 26, Pizza Month 2010 - Toby's Public House (Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn)

DAY 26: OCTOBER 26th, 2010

LOCATION: Toby's Public House (Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 2 slices Margherita, 2 slices of Del Macellaio

GUEST: Anne Girvin

Toby's or now Toby's? that is the question.

It doesn't get much better than this wood-fired brick oven pizzeria. With each pie that exits the gargantuan oven at the far end of the restaurant, Toby's Public House further adds support that Brooklyn pizza is among (if not) the best in the world.

The pies are larger than the standard Neopolitan style but cooked in the same manner with hand crafted crust, fresh mozzarella cheese, and crushed tomato sauce. Toby's proves that high quality ingredients yield high quality pies. Fresh from the oven, notice the pockets of melted cheese hovering on a sea of rich tomato sauce. The crust, perfectly cooked yet uniquely kissed by the wood-fired heat providing a crust that is both crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. That oven may look like a gigantic stone nose but it sure does churn out some delicious pizza!

Alvaro Medina crafted our pizzas. Taking pride in his work (and rightfully so) he treats each and every pie like a work of art. Gently pressing the dough out and strategically placing the sauce and cheese, Alvaro constructed not one, but two masterpieces for my table.

The first, a Margherita proved to be such an exquisite representation of the original Italian pizza that even the most discerning Neopolitans would appreciate it. Beyond the basics - cheese, sauce, and dough - a splash of savory olive oil and a touch of sweet basil provided a little something for every tastebud.

Our specialty pie, the Del Macellaio, also had no shortage of sauce - my favorite component. In addition, it contained sausage, which was made on the premises, and red onion. Both toppings provided powerful new flavors that truly complemented each other.

Since you're at a public house (read: a tavern) already, you may as well take advantage of the wide selection of beers. I recommend the Radeberger. The only thing better than pizza & beer is amazing pizza and good beer. Fortunately, for patrons of Toby's Public House, you get 'em both!

I will definitely go back. I imagine it fills up during rush times but with seating indoors and outdoors in this particular area of Brooklyn, the wait won't likely be too bad until word gets out on just how good Toby's Public House truly is.


4.76 out of 5

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20/21 = .952 x 5 = 4.76

1. Anne Girvin is also a food blogger. She writes for She even wrote up a review of her dinner with me at Toby's. Click on her picture for a link to the review.

2. Anne was on the diving team while in school and currently volunteers to help a kid's swim team.

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