Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 22; Pizza Month 2010 - Saraghina (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn)

DAY 22: OCTOBER 22nd, 2010

LOCATION: Saraghina (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 3 slices of Margherita, 2 slices of Capocollo

GUEST: Kitzi Taylor

Bed-Stuy's Little Italy

Like an artsy oasis in an otherwise urban landscape, Saraghina brings a foreign flare and a fantastic flavor to Bedford-Stuyvesant. Bring the crew or just two as the rustic wooden tables accommodate several seating options. The seemingly-small-from-the-outside restaurant sports multiple dining areas with nooks and coves for varying degrees of intimacy. Saraghina feels like a ski lodge or cozy cabin with halls and backdoors meandering around pantries, the tables, and the kitchen. The difference being this ski lodge serves amazing wood-fired brick oven pizza.

Named after a character in the Federico Felini film 8 1/2, Saraghina churns out pizza that clearly exceeds 8 1/2 on my taste scale. Our Italian accented waitress steered us in the right direction to order two personal sized pies; one traditional Margherita and one with Capocollo. We even had leftovers!

Paying particular attention to our pies in the oven, the chef ensured the perfectly charred crust supported the crushed tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. The capocollo (cured pork) provided a nice savory kick to what was already out-of-this-hemisphere delcious.

I will be back. It's cash only so I'll bring that in addition to my appetite.


4.76 out of 5

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20/21 = .952 x 5 = 4.76

1. Kitzi Taylor is on facebook. You should friend request her!
2. Bed-Stuy is really up-and-coming. Check it out. I don't know why people say it isn't safe. I like it.

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