Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 15, Pizza Month 2010 - Ovest Pizzoteca (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 15: OCTOBER 15th, 2010

LOCATION: Ovest Pizzoteca (Chelsea, NYC)

ORDER: 2 slices of Bufala, 1 slice of Speck and Arugula, 1 slice of Ovest

GUEST: Melanie Dasher, Taylor "Bud" Dasher

The Best in the Ovest!

Ovest, Italian for "West," is Luzzo's new Neoopolitan pizza oasis in the industrial warehouse heavy meatpacking district. From the exterior, the windowed garage door fits right in, but take one step inside and the ambience comes alive. Like a beacon, the gorgeous wood-fired brick oven looms at the far end. Before that, a garden of fresh ingredients manned by a chef with a great grasp of a recipe book sure to wow anyone.

Among these recipes are the prosciutto and truffle pate' "Martha" (named after Martha Stewart, Luzzo's #1 fan), the spicy salame and ricotta "Ovest," and the scamorza and mushroom "Chelsea." In addition to these pizza napoletana menu items featured everyday, Ovest features a variety of daily specials.

We took advantage of the Speck and Arugula special and were so happy we did. The combination of the speck (smoked prosciutto) and savory tomato sauce already won me over. Add to that the fresh mozzarella, crisp arugula and perfectly crisp wood-fired crust and my taste buds were in heaven.

With my head already firmly in the clouds, I continued to enjoy Ovest's "Ovest" as well as a slice of the traditional Bufala. Up and down the menu and beyond, Ovest proves its mastery of the art of pizza making and then some.

Come here and find out how Neopolitan pizza is suppose to taste.


4.64 out of 5

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19.5/21 = .930 x 5 = 4.64

1. Melanie Dasher is a lawyer that works for Homeland Security in Indianapolis, IN. She and Bud also have two dogs.
2. Bud Dasher is a Harvard Law grad who already wrote a book! If you like fiction and publish books, he could be your meal ticket.

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