Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 11, Pizza Month 2010 - Bar (New Haven, CT)

DAY 11: OCTOBER 11th, 2010

LOCATION: Bar (New Haven, CT)

ORDER: 2 slices of mashed pototo, cheese, bacon, 3 slices of cheese

GUEST: Kate Emswiller, Robin Rothman

Bar sets the bar!

Part night club, part lounge, and part brewery, Bar Pizzeria is hip, creative, and delicious all at the same time. Just how creative? Look no further than the signature pie; mashed potatoes. Served with bacon and cheese, Bar knows how to appeal to this Irish potato's tastebuds. Of course the more traditional cheese with tomato sauce was not too shabby either. Cooked in a gigantic wood fired brick oven capable of heating 17 pies at a time, Bar churns out mouthwatering pies at an amazingly rapid rate.Almost fast enough to keep up with the demand for these delicacies.

Unless you are dancing late at the club or at Bar for a special event, you will likely be seated in the Bru Rm. Flanked by gigantic beer vats and the monumentally large oven, the Bru Rm dining area offers two floors of unique visuals, friendly service, and non-intrusive music. Start the evening off with one of at least four different beers brewed in the very room you are seated. The relaxed, even romantic overall experience only gets better when the New Haven pizza platters (a cookie sheet) arrive, Hopefully at least one of the items you ordered is the Mashed Potato pie. Garnished with bacon pieces and "mutz" (mozzarella) around just the right amount of mashed potato on the golden brown wood-fired flatbread, this menu item provides a pizza experience unlike any other. I highly recommend it for potato lovers, pizza lovers, star-crossed lovers, and anyone "looking-for-love"rs.

Yet another amazing find in New Haven, Connecticut...New Haven is truly New England's Pizza Oasis.


4.52 out of 5

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19/21 = .904 x 5 = 4.52

1. Kate Emswiller, Robin Rothman, and I went to a bar called Anchor before our pizza. This could be the coolest dive bar I have ever been.

2. Immediately across the street from Bar is a burger joint called Louie's Lunch which could very well be where the burger was invented. If you go here, do not ask for ketchup or any other condiment. It's perceived as an insult. Also, it appears to be closed on Columbus Day.

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