Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DAY 6, Pizza Month 2009; Maffei (Flatiron)

DAY 6: OCTOBER 6th, 2009

LOCATION: Maffei's Restaurant (6th Ave and 22nd St)

ORDER: 1 slice of Grandma, 1 slice of Grandpa

GUEST(S): David Carl

Maffei's throws a lot of grandmas in the oven and feeds them to their customers. Once you sink your teeth into a hot grandma you may never look at your own grandma the same. But before you do anything drastic, it's important to note that a grandma slice gets its name from the chefs, not the ingredients. Long before pizza was popularized in the United States, Italian grandmothers ("Nonna") used to push dough out into a cookie sheet, layer on tomato sauce, and season the dish with herbs, olive oil and cheese. The resulting crust is slightly thicker than typical NY pizza but not quite as thick as typical Sicilian style (here is an excellent resource for pizza crust from

(L to R: Grandpa, Grandma)

Over time the term "grandma" has been misused as it refers to pizza so much that it has become a blanket term for any rectangular shaped pie. Maffei even has a "grandpa" slice. I seriously doubt while grandma was stretching dough, grandpa was doing the same thing only with fresh mozzarella, basil, and slices of tomato. If so, that's not right! I had a slice of each. Not that you're ever supposed to compare grandma and grandpa, I like grandma better. While I typically prefer fresh mozzarella, I found it blander tasting and more rubbery in consistency. Also, the slices of tomato doubled the overall weight of the already heavy slice. But the grandma was just right. The tomato sauce pockets, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese created a mouthwatering blend that will definitely have me coming back.

Located in the heart of the Flatiron district, in the center of Manhattan, this old-school pizzeria has old-school prices. Grandma and Grandpa are each under $3 and even less during lunch. The secret is out though. A lot of people compete for very few seats so it may just be wise to grab a slice from the affable Maffei and his son and be on your way.

1. David Carl became a mover when a guy gave him a moving van.

2. Root beer and pizza may be the perfect combo.


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