Monday, October 12, 2009

DAY 4, Pizza Month 2009; Luigi's (UES)

DAY 4: OCTOBER 4th, 2009

LOCATION: Luigi's (88th St and 1st Ave)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Sally Schwab

Best Pizzeria in the whole wide block. If you don't live on or near 1st Avenue and 88th St, go to another pizzeria. If you do, well, you're in luck - Luigi's is clean, convenient, and most likely open for business. Assuming you want pizza best described as "not bad" or "adequate" and "right here" then step right up. I would put the cheese slice I ate in the category of a low-end typical New York slice because it aesthetically fits the description, tastes ok, and hits the spot. Knowing the potential a typical New York slice has, I prefer better quality cheese, a more tomatoey sauce and something to make the crust more flavorful. But, that is why pizzerias offer condiments. Luigi's is no exception. You want a kick, add some crushed red pepper. Want some zest, go with the garlic or parmesan. I, personally, wish there were some extra virgin olive oil and some aged pecarino romano cheese but then I probably would not have been able to get a slice for $2.75.

1. Sally and I play on the same softball team through Zogsports. She plays second base and I play everywhere else (including the bench).

2. Afterward we played Beirut at Aces & Eights. We split when we played singles then went 1 and 2 when we played doubles. We did win the last game so we left happy.


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8.5/18 = .472 x 5 = 2.36

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