Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DAY 28, Pizza Month 2009 - Pizza in the Cone (Astoria)

DAY 28: OCTOBER 28th, 2009

Pizza in the Cone in the Rio Market (32-15 36th Ave, Astoria, QUEENS)

1 Marguerite cone

Louie Pearlman


Bad pizza, here we cone! I hope Pizza in the cone is not representative of typical Brazilian style pizza. Tucked in the back of the Brazilian themed Rio Market there is a kitchen complete with a short order chef, an oven, and a stove for preparing several interesting food items. Unfortunately, none of these are used when making a Pizza in the cone.

Stored in a freezer, thawed in a microwave, and toasted in a revolving heat contraption, the conical cuisine is then delivered to the customer.

I ordered a Marguerite and what was handed to me could best be described as solid mass of plasmic goo inside a spongy cone with a dark brown brim. It did contain oregano and and an olive or two as I discovered in my voyage through the stringy cheese. Only the truly committed cone-eater will reach the sauce as it gravitates towards and collects at the base.

Had the crust/cone been a higher quality bread, or the cheese been a better brand of mozzarella, or the tomato sauce tasted like actual tomatoes the flavor experience may have been enhanced exponentially. Since it wasn't, it took 10 minutes to arrive, and it costs more than the typical slice, I have a hard time coming up with a redeeming quality.

I wish this product had not been advertised as "Simply Delicious and Fun!!!" The novelty of it all made it borderline "fun" but it was far from "delicious." The same flyer also touts Pizza in the cone as "the new way to eat pizza." This will be very valuable information if we, as a society, ever get tired of eating pizza the traditional way.

Call me old fashioned but I'd like to keep my pizza in two dimensions.


1. Louie has a Holga. That's one of those plastic cameras that were initially built for children but photographers took an interest in since they allow for double exposures and the result of light leakage can be so artistic.

2. I drank a weird sounding soda called Guarana that ended up being the highlight of my meal. The grocery store has some interesting stuff.



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