Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DAY 20 pt. 2, Pizza Month 2009 - Denino's (Staten Island)

DAY 20 pt 2: OCTOBER 20th, 2009

Denino's (524 Port Richmond Ave., STATEN ISLAND)

2 slices of cheese, 1 slice of Italian sausage

Tommy Napoli


Institutionalized and loving it. Denino's is such a Staten Island institution the street it resides on has been renamed Carlo Denino's Way. Let me be the millionth person to say that the Carlo Denino's "way" is the right way to make pizza.

Even though I tend to focus on the sauce, there is no denying Denino's mastery of the crust. Using a 70+ year old recipe, the outer edge of each pie is perfectly circular with a uniform thickness throughout. Furthermore, the crust is perfectly foldable-without-creasing. Best of all, the golden brown border is firm yet chewy making for a perfect vehicle to transport Denino's delicacies from your plate to your palate.

Some may want to dab the wetness off the top of the uniquely blended cheese but I think it adds to the taste. I would have loved for the rich tomato sauce to have extended to the outer edge but recognize and appreciate the emphasis on the crust. If you like toppings, let me recommend the sausage. Made in-house, the sweet Italian sausage adds just the right amount of zest to the already savory pie that is no doubt satisfying everyone inside the family-friendly pizzeria. If you don't believe me, look around. New York smiles don't lie.

There is no accommodating the demand for Denino's pizza. We went on an offpeak time and there were no parking spots in the lot and all the tables were full. Of course it's packed. Offer a high quality pizza pie at a very reasonable price for 72 years and the people will come, go, and return. I have done the first two and am anxiously looking forward to returning.


1. This was only part 2 of day 20. I also ate pizza at nearby Zio Nino.
2. Tommy Napoli has a Cadillac.



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