Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DAY 2, Pizza Month 2009; Lazzara's (Hell's Kitchen)

DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2009

LOCATION: Lazzara's (43rd St. and 9th Ave, NYC)

ORDER: 3 slices of pepperoni, half slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

A well-oiled machine, and I'm not just referring to the efficiency of the staff but volume of oil on each slice. Lazzara's Hell's Kitchen locale runs a tight ship. Less than five minutes after placing my order a piping hot six slice square pie loaded with diced pepperoni strips was handed over the counter. I happily grabbed my shiny, oil-rich quadrilateral and made my way to my seat, two feet away - narrowly avoiding an arriving delivery person. Judging by how often the delivery men bumped my chair, I gather Lazzara's is doing a brisk business. Tasting the slice, I could see why.

In Times Square, people, noises, bars, sirens, theaters, and gentlemen's club are aplenty but "good pizza" is tough to find. Located a mere two blocks from the "heart of the city" Lazzara's is a notable exception. Its also an exception to the typical New York round pie yet remains "exception"ally delicious. A real pizza paradox!

The other paradox is that this carryout and delivery place charges dine-in prices. Assuming you are pretty hungry, you may be able to knock out an entire large pie (6 slices) yourself. This means your tab will be around $18. At our rate, it worked out to about a dollar a napkin needed to dab the oil off the top of the pie. Lazzara's is good and quick but not cheap....nothing is in Times Square. Of course, a slice or two could be the perfect alternative to breaking the bank for a pre or post theater meal.

1. Robin Rothman is in love with the Great White Way, which means Broadway...not something racist like I was worried it meant. I gave her the camera and she just recorded all the theatres and billboards for musicals in Times Square.

2. I asked a patron named Ryan to talk on camera and he was kind enough to do so. He goes to Lazzara's at least a couple times a month.


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12/18 = .667 x 5 = 3.33

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