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DAY 11, Pizza Month 2009 - Pizza Etc. (Brighton, MA)

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DAY 11: OCTOBER 11th, 2009

LOCATION: Pizza Etc. (2 Tremont St, Oak Square, Brighton, MA)

ORDER: 2 slice of plain, 1 slice of black olive and feta

GUEST(S): Andrew Butterworth, Linda Fessenden, Robin Rothman


Brighton's bright idea.

"Let's Get Pizza."

"But it's 1am and we live in Boston, nothing's open."

"Pizza Etc. is!"

I have witnessed this (or similar) exchanges two times and I don't even live in Boston. Why? Because most bars close around 1am and the T (Boston's underground transportation system) follows suit soon thereafter. But, Pizza Etc. is open seven days a week at least until 1am. It's there when you need it. Not only that, but the abundance of fresh toppings help elevate the quality above that of any average pizza pie. "Well, it must be expensive then." Nope. On the contrary, you can get a large cheese pizza for under $9. Available, appetizing, and affordable...that's straight A's!

I won't go so far as to say "Amazing," however, I was pleasantly surprised walking into the pizzeria. My guests and I were thrilled to see numerous tables and chairs enabling this carryout and delivery joint a third option of carry-in. And that is what we did. Right out of the oven, into the box, and on to our plates. The pizza is as gourmet as you order it. I recommend the black olive and feta cheese pie for a unique Mediterranean flavor. Each bite made me more excited for the next. It was my first time eating this topping combination but it won't be the last.

Considering the alternatives, when in Brighton, do what the Brightonians do and try Pizza Etc. The overly puffy, soft chewy crust might make think it's chain pizza but Pizza Etc. is not a chain...yet. With the quality of product they produce and the convenience, they may soon be.

1. Linda and Andy are engaged.

2. It seems like most Boston establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars) have sports paraphernalia adorning the walls. Pizza Etc. is no exception. I even saw a pre-Yankees era Babe Ruth plaque.


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12.5/18 = .694 x 5 = 3.47

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Unknown said...

if you end up in brighton again, imperial pizza @ 329 washington street does a very good sicilian (their regular pizza is unremarkable), no more than two toppings and order it "well done"