Monday, November 24, 2008

DAY 29: OCTOBER 29th, 2008 -SI Pizza Circuit (1of3) - Goodfella's

DAY 29: OCTOBER 29th, 2008

LOCATION: Goodfella's Pizzeria (Seaview Ave. and Hylan Blvd., Staten Island)

ORDER: 1 slice of Pizza a la Vodka, 1 slice of Smokin' Goodfella, 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Charles Gussow, Kelsey Beckner

PIZZA REVIEW: The world's "Best Pizza" and proud of it. Goodfella's got the title of "Best Pizza in the World" the old fashioned way - they earned it*. While the traditional pies are very solid, their award winning signature recipes are the specialty pies. With it's peppers, onions, sausage, smoked tomato based sauce, and several types of cheese, the Smokin' Goodfella is a whirlwind of flavor sensations for all your tastebuds. Another original is the Pizza a la Vodka. Somehow they discovered the combination of peas, mushrooms, cheese and vodka sauce would mesh together deliciously on their wood-fired brick oven crust. If you're tired of the traditional stuff, why not try the "Best" and head out to Staten Island for some Goodfella's pizza.

* 2007 Las Vegas International Pizza Competition
1. Charles Gussow is a native Staten Islander and has been meaning to take me to Goodfella's for over five years. Kelsey, his wife and Washington state resident, had only recently tried Goodfella's herself. We all agreed we should do this again.

2. The idea of a Staten Island Pizza Circuit came about when I had difficulty deciding between three renowned pizzerias that I had not yet visited. I'm not often in Staten Island so we decided to go to all three...Goodfella's, Lee's Tavern, and Joe & Pat's.


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19/21 = .905 x 5 = 4.5

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