Monday, November 24, 2008

DAY 29: OCTOBER 29th, 2008 -SI Pizza Circuit (3of3) - Joe & Pat's

DAY 29: OCTOBER 29th, 2008

LOCATION: Joe & Pat's (Manor Rd. and Victory Blvd., Staten Island)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Charles Gussow, Kelsey Beckner

PIZZA REVIEW: What's golden brown and red all over? If you float some mozzarella cheese cubes on it, the answer is Joe & Pat's pizza. Focusing on their rich tomato sauce recipe, they cover nearly the entire pie with copious amounts of sauce before evenly distributing just enough mozzarella cheese chunks as to enhance, not overpower, the final product. Beneath every Joe & Pat's creation count on a thin, toasted crust that is firm yet chewy. Joe & Pat's pizza guidelines are a blueprint for ideal pizza emphasizing my favorite part, the sauce, and using the rest of the ingredients to accentuate the natural flavor of everything else. Although you can have it delivered or order for take-out, I suggest eating in. There are plenty of seats and with crust this thin, it is important to get it out of the oven and into your mouth as soon as possible. Otherwise it gets cold. Of course, Joe & Pat's pizza is delicious at any temperature.

1. I met Joe & Pat and talk to these Naples born brothers about pizza and Italy.

2. We narrowly beat closing time to get to Joe & Pat's. I had to call ahead so the pizza would be ready as we arrived. When all was said and done, Charles, Kelsey and I had consumed 25 slices of pizza between the three of us.


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19.5/21 = .929 x 5 = 4.64

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