Thursday, November 20, 2008

DAY 26: OCTOBER 26th, 2008 - Lucali

DAY 26: OCTOBER 26th, 2008

LOCATION: Lucali (Henry St. and Carroll St, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 2 slices of cheese, 1 slice of onion and mushroom

GUEST(S): Erik Tanouye and Robin Rothman

Lucali is the gold standard of pizzerias. I see no room for improvement just a plea for expansion. This unmarked Carroll Gardens gem combines hip with pizza perfection for a laid back dining experience patrons won't soon forget. The wait to get in and lack of menu options in this BYOB joint may raise some concern but all of that will disappear once you take your first bite of Lucali wood-fired brick oven pizza. Owner and chef Mark Iacono sculpts every pizza as if it were a one and only piece of art. Prepared in the open for all to see, Mark carefully presses out the dough and evenly spreads the tomato sauce. He then delicately combines fresh mozzarella with just the right amount of sharp cheeses to maximize flavor potential.
Any other toppings are expertly layered in to enhance, rather than cover, the essence of the other ingredients. Typically onions overpower anything else on a pizza but the onions on our onion and mushroom pie were sliced so thin they managed to add their natural zest without taking away from the mouthwatering flavor I had enjoyed on the cheese pie. Expect a true masterpiece with each and every Lucali pie - anything less was likely not Lucali.

1. I once saw Beyonce and Jay-Z at Lucali!

2. Erik Tanouye never breaks eye contact from the camera which seemed strange when I was holding the camera but really works well in the raw footage. I need to try to stay focused on the lens in future videos.

3. I met the chef and owner Mark Iacono and got a photo with him.

4. I typically don't eat pizza leftovers during Pizza Month, however, I did eat Lucali leftovers. This place rules!


Slicey award winner for "Best Overall Pizza Experience" for Pizza Month 2008
Edited by Sean Taylor


Above is my pizza video from 2007.


Video edited by Hannah Chase
Nominated for "Best in Show" at 2008 Sliceys

NOTE: This video is a part of the 2008 Pizza Video competition. 10 editors were given footage for 10 different "pizza days" and plenty of creative license. This video is for entertainment purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editor, Sean Taylor, or the pizza establishment.

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