Thursday, October 9, 2008

DAY 8: OCTOBER 8th, 2008 - Michaelangelo's II

DAY 8: OCTOBER 8th, 2008

LOCATION: Michaelangelo's II (30th St and 23rd Ave, Astoria, Queens)

ORDER: 2 slices of plain, 2 slices of pepperoni, 1 slice of sausage and garlic

GUEST(S): Tony Carnevale, Andrew Butterworth, Jacqueline Leahy, Charles Gussow, Kelsey Beckner, Robin Rothman

With pizza, you can never be too hot or too thin - Michaelangelo's II adds further support to the cause. Their pizza is so thin that heat retention becomes an issue. Fortunately, the tasty tomato sauce and flavorful toppings remain long after the heat has gone. The sooner you get the signature super-thin pizza out of the oven and into your mouth, the sooner you'll be making another trip to Michaelangelo's II. Order a lot. Despite the large diameter of the pies, the low depth and high deliciousness of the pizza will keep you grabbing for more.

1. Want to know a movie that seven different people can all agree on? Watch Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic. We did for our pizza and movie night.

2. Charles Gussow, Kelsey Beckner and Robin Rothman were observing Yom Kippur...leaving plenty of pizza for the rest of us.

3. Andrew Butterworth was in town from LA and, on the video clip, vibrated my butt when he called me.


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12.5/18 = .7 x 5 = 3.5

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