Thursday, November 1, 2007

2007 Pizza Month Awards Ceremony

Welcome to my first video podcast. During National Pizza Month 2007 (October), I ate a slice of pizza each and every day at 31 different locations. This is an awards ceremony I held to honor a few stand out pizza places. If you want spoilers before you watch then here is a transcript of the entire 3 min 48 sec ceremony...

(NOTE: Sean Taylor's awards would come to be called "Sliceys" - making this the inaugural Slicey Award  ceremony)
Hi. I'm Sean Taylor and I'd like to welcome you to the Pizza Month 2007 Awards Ceremony.  

I will make this brief since I know a lot of you have a lot of other videos to click on...

I ate pizza at 31 different places in October and will be giving out awards for the following 3 categories...

Best Pizza Experience
Best New Discovery
Best Tasting Slice

And the nominees are...Famiglia, Fornino, Arturo's, Naples 45, Sally's Apizza, Santarpio's, Frank Pepe, Lombardi's, Di Fara, John's, Lil' Frankie's, Luzzo's, Bella Vita, L'Allegria, No. 28, Waldy's, Otto, Gruppo, Angelo's, Una Pizza Napoletana, Lucali, Patsy's, Amorina, Nick's, Two Boots, La Pizza Fresca, Kinchley's, Totonno's, Nunzio's, Lazzara's, Grimaldi's

And the award for the Best Pizza Experience goes to....Arturo's
 - With it's delicious coal fired brick oven pizza, live jazz, superb service and no wait to get in, Arturo's was the only pizza place to receive a 5 out of 5 ranking this year

Well done, Arturo's.

Next up is the award for the Best New Discovery.  For Pizza Month 2007, the  award goes to....Lucali
 - Despite its youth, Lucali wood fired pizza is some of the best tasting pizza in the city.  You won't mind the trek to Carroll Gardens once you taste what your destination has to offer.

It's true.  I've already been back.  

Ok.  We've waited long enough.  The final award, the award for the BEST TASTING SLICE goes to...Di Fara
 - This comes as no surprise for anyone who has ever ventured out to Midwood, Brooklyn to taste a slice of Dom DiMarco masterpieces.  With homegrown herbs and a unique blend of cheeses, Di Fara pizza proves that perfection can be repeated.

Well, congratulations to Arturo's, Lucali, and Di Fara.  Thank you, everyone for joining me in person or online for Pizza Month '07.  A special thanks to Robin Rothman who not only attended 12 pizza days but also helped in the editing process.  Please come back soon for rankings of some of my favorite pizza places.

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