Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 18, 2007: Gruppo (E. Village, NYC)

LOCATION: Gruppo (11th Street and Avenue B, NYC)

GUEST(S): Zohar Adner
ORDER: 2 sices of personal Classica, 2 slices of personal Shroomtown
PIZZA REPORT: I have never had a mushroom pizza worthy of so much praise. It's called the Shroomtown. We are talking like 5 different types of mushroom lightly sweetened with truffle oil. I can't even name 5 different types of mushrooms but I will gladly go back and see if they list 'em on the menu. The classica paled in comparison but did come with fresh mozzarella cheese, freshly cut tomatoes and basil leaves. The size and thinness of the crust render the pie less filling, but still very fulfilling. Take me down to Shroomtown!
ATMOSPHERE: This is yet another reason why the East Village has such a great reputation for wonderful food. From the outside, it just looks like a bar with a couple of seats. But inside, you'll find a juke box which plays the best classic rock tunes ever and, as I mentioned above, an oven that cooks delicious the Shroomtown. It's a bit dark inside, but it meshes well with the laid back (in a hip way) service, late night hours, and great location. Individual pizza (w/o alcohol) costs about $8-12, but get the large one ($16-24) and invite me along.
VERDICT: 4 out of 5 
MISC:1. I admit to liking Lisa Loeb's "Stay" in the video clip.
2. Zohar Adner is proud to be a near annual participant in Pizza am I.

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