Thursday, October 5, 2006

Day 5, 2006: Luzzo's (E. Village, NYC)

LOCATION: Luzzo's (11th St and 1st Avenue, NYC)
GUEST(S): Erik Marcisak
ORDER: 7 slices of a 12" mozzarella buffala, 1 slice of Funghi
PIZZA REPORT: The fresh mozzarella melts in your mouth while the coal fired crust remains firm and crispy.  I have never tasted anything like it (well, maybe something "like" it but not EXACTLY like it).  What a great flavor juxtaposition!  Though I'm no food detective, I theorize the mozzarella is moistened with the addition of olive oil.  The other potential cause could be the type of cheese.  Luzzo's uses mozzarella buffala which is made from the milk of a water buffalo.  Perhaps the processing of this milk produces the cheese-dissolving-on-the-tongue effect.  It's a neat and tasty effect and if you got $16 I recommend trying a 12" personal pizza yourself.   The cheese, alone, maybe reason enough to try it, but you will also like the sauce and coal fired crust never disappoints.
ATMOSPHERE: Luzzo's is another pizza joint that seems small from the outside but extends back pretty far.  It's a great date place to take a current or potential significant other.  A very courteous wait staff checks in multiple times, makes recommendations and even correct my erroneous pronunciations of menu items in a non-condescending manner.  After we finished our food our waiter noticed Erik and I staring to see the Mets game on the TV screen in the distance and let us know it was ok for us to move closer since he likes to see his soccer up close.  We would have but were already finished with our food and didn't want to be bothersome.  The ambient music like the wait staff was non-invasive.  This is a good place to get dinner. 
VERDICT: 4 out of 5 
MISC.: Erik Marcisak and I talked about the Mets and his exgirlfriend.  A Mets win on top of a great debut of my new improv group called THIS JUST IN at Variety Underground made Day 5 a fun day to remember.
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