Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 15, 2006: Roma Pizza (Chelsea, NYC)

LOCATION: Roma Pizza (27th Street and 8th Avenue, NYC)
GUEST(S): Jason Grossman, Elana Fishbein, Christian Capozzoli, Paul W. Downs
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese 
PIZZA REPORT: On par.  It amazing how similar pizza from different New York City pizzerias can be.  It could be the delicious NYC water (I'm not kidding, our tap water comes from the Croton reservoirs and the Catskills) or it could be that the city hands out the secret recipe when you open up a pizzeria.  Whatever the cause, I am pleased with the effect.  Roma Pizza follows all the steps on the secret recipe and produces the text book slice of New York City pizza.  Everything, thin underside, shredded mozzarella, even tomato sauce, thick outer edge, orange's all there.  Putting the slice in your mouth enables you to mush and mash all the flavors together on your taste buds.  If your tongue is anything like mine, it will approve!  Only in New York would a slice this good just be considered a 'solid slice'.
ATMOSPHERE: Roma Pizza fits right in.  I cleverly used the word "fit" because it is virtually on the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) campus.  This makes for a younger, hipper, and better dressed clientele.  Well, then there was me.  I did like the cleanliness of Roma Pizza.  Last year it seemed dingy but I am glad I came back.  Now I see that the dining area is very well lit, layed out nicely, and not too loud.  The windows facing the street (27th) have the capability to be opened which may allow more noise inside but, being on a college campus, traffic is not a big problem.  Although I wouldn't recommend going out of your way, if you're in the area and willing to keep your expectations reasonable, you will be pleasantly surprised by Roma Pizza.    
VERDICT: 3 out of 5 
MISC.: Jason Grossman, Elana Fishbein, Christian Capozzoli, Paul W. Downs talked about our improv group called the ACADEMY.
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