Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 10, 2006: John's Pizzeria (W. Village, NYC)

LOCATION: John's Pizzeria (Bleecker St and 7th Avenue, NYC)
GUEST(S): Kelly Buttermore, Dave Warth, Alix Sternberg, Barbara Sternberg
ORDER: 3 slices of pepperoni
PIZZA REPORT: "Wet" and "tomato" are the word associations I would do if the psychologist held up a card with John's Pizzeria [Bleecker].  A good psycho analysis of my responses would reveal that I thought my slices were very tomato tasting and maybe coated with a substantial amount of oil.  John's pizza focuses on taste and I applaud them for it.  It could just be like-minds or similar taste buds but I like tomato sauce and my slices were loaded with it.  The cheese to me, is a 'bargaining chip' so even though a cook claimed the sliced cheese on the make-table was "fresh mozzarella" yet it clearly did not look as pale white nor taste as rich as fresh mozzarella, I did not mind.  If the sauce was off, I would have minded.  Bad sauce or no sauce is a deal-breaker.  But you show me a place where tomato sauce is plentiful and serves coal fired thin crust pizza like John's then I will start drooling...even if it's merely pictured on a word association card.
ATMOSPHERE: Remember, you went to John's for the pizza, not the decor, nor the service, nor the acoustics.  If you don't remember that, you may be disappointed with the decor, service, and acoustics.  Considering the demand for their pizza, John's chooses function over form.  The line (yes, there tends to be one) moves quickly, the chairs are dependable despite having that overly varnished blonded-by-age look, and the waiters mean no harm when they bump into you yell over you and occasionally forget your water refill.  If you remember to order full pies (no slices) and pay with cash then John's will begin to like you as much as you will like it.
VERDICT: 4 out of 5 
MISC.: Barbara Sternberg, Alix Sternberg, Dave Warth, Kelly Buttermore and I talked about the Cape, friends of significant others, and Slim Jim.
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