Thursday, October 13, 2005

Day 13, 2005: Nick's (UWS, NYC)

DAY 13: October 13th
LOCATION: Nick's (W 94th St and 2nd Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Cat Kemp, Jen MacNeil, Kevin Hines
ORDER: 2 slices of sausage, 2 slices of mushroom

PIZZA REPORT: Blazing hot! Nick's has two extremely large gas powered convection ovens that cook their pizzas at temperatures exceeding 800'. Our two pies were no exception. The first slice I had I put on my plate and just waited for the steam to dissipate for a second. I've learned the hard way what happens when one doesn't do that. You burn your mouth and can't taste the pizza in front of you nor the pizza you intend to eat in the next 18 days. So waiting paid off. My favorite part of Nick's pizza was the gas-fired crust. Coal fired ovens are no longer allowed in the city so I was amazed at the gas-fired alternative. Although there were no charred edges (a signature of coal-fired pies), the crust was warm, chewy, and provided the necessary support for the toppings. I also liked the toppings. The mushrooms tasted fresh and the sausage were just spicy enough. This pizza is good. If Nick's doesn't have the reputation as the other great pizzerias in the city, it should.
  • Cat Kemp and Kevin Hines are big Red Sox fans. However, only Cat has gum with Red Sox centerfielder Johnny Damon on the cover.
  • Jen MacNeil used the Johnny Damon gum to blow her first bubble gum bubble. It's interesting they call it "bubble" gum yet so few people blow bubbles with it nowadays. Times are changing, I guess.
  • Kevin Hines used to have a bus driver that got in a wreck every other week. Most of the time the students didn't even notice until she would say "oops!" but sometimes her mishaps would cause everyone to lurch forward. Furthermore, Kevin and his other busmates (is that a word?) used to have foam fights with the seat incilation and padding. They were able to take more and more liberties while his bus driver had her jaw wired shut. After the wires came out, she got a lot more stict.

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