Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Day 11, 2005: Freddie and Pepper's (UWS, NYC)

DAY 11: October 11th
LOCATION: Freddie and Pepper's (W. 74th and Amsterdam St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Amey Goerlich
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, three-fourths of a slice of pesto

PIZZA REPORT: Pesto Chango! I wanted to chango my slice of pesto for another slice of cheese, but I endured. I was trying something new and I like it for the few bites. The ricotta cheese bits were particularly good. My favorite part of the cheese slice was the sauce. Despite being a tad bit center loaded (cheese did not extend all the way to the crust), I enjoyed the tomato flavor on this typical NY slice. Since the pesto slice had no tomato sauce, I actually ended up abandoning it three-fourths the way through it. I acknowledge that this may be due to my inexperience in the pesto arena and would not be opposed to trying another slice of it in the future...just not 'near' future. And although I truly enjoyed the slice of cheese, I was expecting some "peppers" or extra spices (maybe some "freddies") but I suppose the place was named after some people and not some ingredients.
  • Amey Goerlich is on a first name basis with Former President Clinton (she would call him "Bill") Look for him in an upcoming documentary created by Amey about smoking...er not smoking.
  • Stewart's Root Beer is delicious.

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