Saturday, October 1, 2005

Day 1, 2005: Boston House of Pizza (Boston, MA)

DAY 1: October 1st
LOCATION: Boston House of Pizza (Boston, MASS)
GUEST(S): Patrick DeLeon, Cathryn McGovern, Brock Ballow, Anna Rudberg
ORDER: 1 slice of pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Good consistency, yet consistently not good. The sauce was good but not enough of it. The cheese was ok but too much of it. Also, the pepperoni were merely adequate. My favorite part of the slice I had at BHOP (Boston House of Pizza) was the crust. It was evenly cooked in a conventional oven and crispy enough to serve as a very solid foundation for the rather mediocre toppings.
MISC.: It was nearly 11:30pm and I was at Conor Larkin's Pub for my friend, Nat Rink's, birthday party. When I mentioned the pizza month endeavor, several mutual friends of Nat Rink (most of whom I knew from Dartmouth college) rose to the occasion.
  • Once while on the Vermonter, a train that went from Washington DC to White River Junction, VT, I bumped into Patrick DeLeon and mentioned to him how he was in my math class, went to high school with Chelsea Clinton, and played Ultimate Frisbee. He nodded. I got the right guy. But the right guy did not know me. Later I found out saying everything you know about a person that you technically never met does not make for a good first impression. Instead of spurring his memory as to who I was I had forever labeled myself as "the creepy guy from the train."
  • Cathryn McGovern and I were both student government folk in college.
  • Brock Ballow and I decided it would be really funny to ask for a slice of pizza with some d*ck on it. Although it cracked us up, the guy behind the counter didn't understand the request and Cathryn McGovern, Brock's girlfriend, had left the table by the time we returned.
  • Anna Rudberg and I were on the Dartmouth fencing team in college. I graduated having lost 21 bouts and having won zero. Although I don't know Anna's record, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was better than mine.

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