Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Day 6, 2004: Alex Hot Pizza (Astoria, NY)

DAY 6: October 6th
LOCATION: Alex Hot Pizza (32-04 30th Ave, QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Benepal Singh
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Timely and Tasty. I got the first slice of a pizza that had just came out of the oven. Jackpot! I have nothing against pizza places that toss your slice back into the oven to reheat it but I am thrilled when the person behind the counter says, "I got a new pie coming out of the oven". And the slice was great. "Great" in taste and in size. The slice must have been nearly 10" from crust to tip. The tomato sauce was surprisingly subdued (not too strong, not too much) and the cheese was pretty standard. All in all, a good slice.
  • My boss called me while I was out bowling with my team and asked me to come back to work. We then worked until 11:15pm. This left me 45 minutes to find a pizza place I hadn't yet been to this month, and find at least one other person to eat with (for full explanation of my self-imposed rules please see initial journal entry). Since we worked beyond 9pm, our company provides us a car home. Whew! I told my driver to take me home and "if we could stop by a pizza place on the way, I'll buy you a slice." Benepal Singh, my driver, nodded his head and, thus, saved Pizza Month.
  • I saw that the photo of the pizza place was not very good so I decided to take one more photo in the car before I got out. Here it is.

    While I took this, I later discovered my wallet fell out of my jacket and into the car. If you blow up the photo, it might even be visible. Anyway, when I discovered I had lost my wallet I assumed it was gone for good. Nope! I soon received a call from the car service dispatcher telling me that my wallet had been recovered. My driver had found and returned my wallet. I don't know if it's because I bought him a slice of pizza or because I had taken his photo so many times, but suffice to say, Benepal Singh is a good man.

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