Monday, October 4, 2004

Day 4, 2004: Famiglia (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 4: October 4th
LOCATION: Famous Famiglia (686 8th Ave at 43rd St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Will Nunziata, Michele Medlin, Jeff Scherer, Kevin Hines, Tony Carnevale
ORDER: 1 slice of white

PIZZA REPORT: Solid slice. Solid in every sense – solidly good tasting, solidly dense, and solidly not a liquid or gas. Since this is the second time (in as many days) I have ever had a white slice, I am still not used to biting into ricotta cheese. I, however, am quickly coming to appreciate it in combination with the mozzarella. This slice had more than a hint of garlic but not so much as to overpower the baked-in goodness of the conventional oven crust. I felt like the cheese could have been distributed closer to the outside crust than it was but the homemade bread taste of the crust greatly reduced the need for cheese or even sauce.
  • Will Nunziata is the first pizza month participant that arrived with a guitar. He’s also set the standard on great impressions with his rendition of Borat (from DA ALI G SHOW) saying "Nnah-ice!"
  • Today also marked the crossover of the pizza journal I am writing in now and Jeff Scherer’s Mug Shot Journal. After we ate pizza he took a photo (mug shot) of Michele Medlin, another one of today’s pizza month guests.
  • It turns out, Jeff Scherer is a photo doctor. No, he's better than that, he's a photo surgeon! For instance, Tony Carnevale arrived late to pizza day so he missed the photo. However, I did take a photo of him here. 

    and then Jeff added him to the group here...
  • Kevin Hines made his pizza month debut today at Famous Famiglia. The two time champion (Champion = guy who has attending most pizza days with me in the month) has a friend that doesn't understand an email if there is a word misspelled. Therefore his friend wouldn't understand half the things I wriite.

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