Thursday, October 9, 2003

Day 9, 2003: Two Boots (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 9: October 9th
LOCATION: Two Boots (3rd St and Ave A, NYC) during Variety Underground at the Parkside Lounge (315 E. Houston St)
GUEST(S): Tony Carnevale, Aaron & Tony, Shockwave, Samantha (the waitress), Stomping Ground, Amey & Joe, Jackie Clarke, the Orphanage, Ruggles Outbound, VU regulars - Kevin Hines, Erik Tanouye, Andrew Butterworth, Julie Sloane, and the entire audience of Variety Underground
ORDER: 1 slice of spicy pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Uniquely delicious. This pizza had a firm crust, "zesty" toppings, and a brilliant overall appearance. My slice was an excellent example of how Two Boots unites the pizza from Italy (country shaped like a boot) with the Cajun/Creole influence of Lousiana (state shaped like a boot). "Mmym" - that's Cajun for "yum".
  • Today was Erik Tanouye's birthday and to commemorate it, HE bought the pizza! I know who I'm going to hang out with every October 9th from now on.
  • A camera crew was in the audience of Variety Underground...not for coverage of Pizza Month '03, but instead to record the Variety Underground debut of the Orphanage.
  • Eric Appel sat in as the lifeguard in Joe Wengert and Amey Goerlich's much anticipated "Lifeguardprov" debut. It was awesome.

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