Sunday, October 5, 2003

Day 5, 2003: Di Fara (Midwood, Brooklyn)

DAY 5: October 5th
LOCATION: DiFara Pizza (E. 15th St, BROOKLYN)
GUEST(S): Ivan Lerner
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Worth it. Ivan and I travelled deep into the heart of Brooklyn via train, shuttle bus, and then train again (thank you, weekend MTA construction) to get to DiFara Pizza. The nearly 2 hour trek from my apt in Queens was all worth it when I sunk my teeth into my first slice of a DiFara pepperoni pizza. The cheese was still bubbling, so I probably should have waited to take that first bite, but I had worked up quite an appetite en route. The crust was crispy creating a thin yet firm foundation for the mozzarella cheese and the hand cut toppings. The sauce was a delicious blend of spicies and fresh tomatoes that I could probably have eaten by itself. The combination of the sauce, the cheese, and the toppings (particularly the pepperoni) synthesized into a true mouthwatering slice of pizza.
  • DiFara pizza has a reputation of serving the best pizza in New York and I am sure it is because of the care put into each and every pie. Dominic DiMarco has been working at DiFara for over 40 years and has the expertise to prove it. 
    He, at his own pace and in front of anyone who cares to watch, stretches the dough then meticulously adds the sauce, cheese, and toppings to sculpt every pizza into a piece of art. After I had ordered, I saw Dominic making a fresh mozzarella pie from scratch. His special touches included slicing the cheese fresh out of the package and pouring a light layer of olive oil on the pizza just before putting it in the oven. These are just two of his many secrets...I'm definitely going back for more secrets (but, of course, will settle for just more pizza).
  • Ivan and I both shave BEFORE we shower.
  • During our shuttle bus ride back to the city, Ivan recognized two pedestrians walking together. They were holding hands which meant they probably weren't going to get that divorce that seemed inevitable. This made Ivan happy.

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