Monday, October 27, 2003

Day 27, 2003: New Park Pizza (Howard Beach, Queens)

DAY 27: October 27th
LOCATION: New Park Pizza (Howard Beach, QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Erik Marcisak
ORDER: 2 slices of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Erik Marcisak drove me all the way out to Howard Beach to have what some random old Italian man told his friend was the "best slice of pizza in Queens". Random old Italian men know their pizza. This brick oven pizza establishment cooks the pizza to perfection. Both of my slices were a light gold color with perfectly sculpted outer crust. The crust underside was firm enough to support the toppings and expertly cooked such that it was uniformly charred (not in a burnt way) to maximize flavor. Rarely does the crust underside add so much to the flavor of a slice. Open up a location in the ciy, New Park Pizza.
  • Erik has a beautiful SUV that looks cool and has a back seat big enough to do business. That is not a euphemism. He truly does business [comfortably] in the back seat.
  • After a discussion with one of the chefs, I found out that New Park Pizza's brick oven is a gas burning brick oven with temperatures exceeding 1500'F. At this temperature, a large pizza loaded with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and raw dough will cook thoroughly (and deliciously) in less than 3 minutes.

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