Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Day 22, 2003: John's Pizzeria (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 22: October 22nd
LOCATION: John's Pizzeria (44th St. and 7th Ave., NYC)
GUEST(S): Rachel Biello, Marlena Bittner, Rob Cacy, Jennifer Hammaker, Kasha Lewis
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 4 slices of Bruschetta, sausage and basil

PIZZA REPORT: Holy Pizza! John's Pizzeria (midtown) inhabits a building that at one time was a cathedral. The crispy coal fired brick oven crust tastes so good that it seems as if there still may be a little divine intervention. All 5 slices were delicious. Good topping coverage, excellent cheese placement, and the slightly charred crust made the ensemble absolutely brilliant. I also went out on a limb and tried my first slice of Bruschetta pizza. I soon after ate my second through fourth slices of Bruschetta pizza. Rather than having tomato sauce, the Bruschetta pizza has sliced/diced tomatoes - much like authentic Italian pizza (I’m told), It really is tasty. Even though sauce is probably the most important component part of a great pizza, I truly did enjoy my four slices of sauceless Bruschetta pizza.
  • Awesomeness occurred when Rachel recognized Instant Cinema UCB 4P-er, Anthony Atamanuik.

    He is not only a nice guy but he has perhaps the greatest job of any improviser I know...he's a manager of John's Pizzeria! Anthony recommended the Bruschetta, sausage, basil, light cheese pizza (his favorite) and bought us a round of drinks. He also admired my ambition to eat 31 days of pizza. Mutual admiration; I have a new buddy (special thanks to an old buddy, Rachel Biello). Rachel also doesn't think whales should live in swimming pools.
  • Rob Cacy, whose mom uses her freezer to store water, and Kasha, who found a parking spot in midtown, can together film a movie in a single day!
  • Jen has very few injuries considering the amount of four square she currently plays.
  • Marlena has a perfect memory. She can probably dictate a transcript of the entire dinner conversation.
  • I have discovered recently that pizza and root beer together is one of the greatest combinations on Earth.

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