Monday, October 20, 2003

Day 20, 2003: Patsy's Pizzeria (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 20: October 20th
LOCATION: Patsy's Pizzeria (23rd St and 8th Ave., NYC)
GUEST(S): Amey Goerlich, Chris Wright
ORDER: 4 slices of pepperoni 2 slices of cheese (cheese slices not pictured)

PIZZA REPORT: Yum-tastic! Both pizzas looked and tasted so good it's hard to believe that Patsy's is a chain. Coal-fired brick oven pizza taste with basil leaves (as an added perk) made these 6 slices a true joy to eat. The pepperonis were hand-cut and the tomato sauce was delicious. Hope there is room for one more in the Patsy's wagon.
  • Chris bought a bottle of wine called Bogle that caused Amey and I to reminisce on past board game nights. In the end we decided to hold a board game night but the subject changed before we chose which apt to hold it in.
  • Moby once saw Amey Goerlich at the UCB theatre holding a lighter in the air for the Tenacious D segment of Talk Show. She and the two or three or 1,000 other girls made such an impression on him that Moby later wrote about it in his online journal (Moby's online journal - entry on January 21, 2002).
  • Chris doesn't have the hips to comfortably wear women's pants.

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