Saturday, October 18, 2003

Day 18, 2003: Grimaldi's (Brooklyn Heights, NYC)

DAY 18: October 18th
LOCATION: Grimaldi's (19 Old Fulton St and Brooklyn Bridge, BROOKLYN)
GUEST(S): Petra Boden, Millicent Cho, Matt Donnelly, Angela DeManti, Christina Gausas, Kevin Hines, Terry Jinn, Shannon Manning, Erik Tanouye, Sean Taylor and Ben Rodgers (not pictured)
ORDER: 2 slices of pepperoni 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Superior. My slices tasted so good. I did prefer the pepperoni slices but it was a win-win situation. The coal-fired thin crust with imported tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese truly sets a standard of excellence for pizza (basil leaves were also a nice touch too). I enjoyed my pepperoni slices more because the pepperoni is cut by hand and adds a nice spicy touch to the perfect pizza....making it MORE perfect.
  • Today commemorated the first anniversary of the Beverage and Pizza Journals from last year's IRC. Terry Jinn, author of the Beverage of the Day was on hand and, true to form, drank a beverage. He also provided these photos of the event...

  • Kevin Hines, Shannon Manning, and Millicent Cho matched wits and cinematic knowhow in a grueling battle of "the Netflix game". For rules, please contact Kevin.
  • Christina Gausas, Matt Donnelly, and [an unpictured] Ben Rodgers had to bolt soon after dinner in order to see Mother's show at the UCB Theatre but were elated to take part in the anniversary of the crossover of two cyberjournals. I was also elated because this was the first opportunity I had to meet and talk to them.
  • Petra Boden, Erik Tanouye, and Angela DeManti had all seen the movie Kill Bill and were somehow able to have a discussion about it without ruining it for me. I plan on seeing it this week.
  • Ben Rodgers is not pictured in this journal entry.

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