Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Day 8, 2002: John's Pizzeria (W. Village, NYC)

DAY 8: October 8th
LOCATION: John's Pizzeria (278 Bleecker St, NYC)
GUEST: Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Andy Butterworth
ORDER: 2 slices of cheese, 2 slices of meatball
PIZZA REPORT: Wow! After eating each of four slices of this masterfully cooked brick oven delight, I continued to want more (although from a lactose point of view it was good I stopped at four). Some people prefer sauce on top of cheese, some prefer cheese on top of sauce...but at John's, you can have both! Although most of any given slice is topped with cheese, without exception, there exists a place on the slice where the sauce is exposed to the surface. These 'sauce pockets' are like the treasured treat of each slice. Either you're in the middle of eating one or you are quickly working your way to one. Some might call these 'sauce pockets' a mistake, but I'm a firm believer in motto 'there are no mistakes in pizza'...especially not John's pizza.
MISC.: Two things...

  • I sustained my first PRI (Pizza Related Injury) yesterday when I began eating my slice of pepperoni too soon after it came out of the oven-burning a portion of the roof of my mouth. While eating today's thick-crusted brick oven pizza I may have re-aggrevated it. Although my mouth is sore, I will continue my pursuit. I only mention because it wouldn't be true to the 'full-disclosure' promise I may have made if I kept this PRI to myself.
  • I was honored to be present as the Hines brothers nominated and selected the official 'Top 10 Best Animated Movies'. The list was thoughtfully compiled and is extremely accurate. If you would like to see how good your guesses were, the list is currently in the posession of Will Hines.
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