Saturday, October 5, 2002

Day 5, 2002: Anthony's (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 5: October 5th

LOCATION: Anthony's (2nd Ave bet. 10th and 11th st, NYC)
GUEST: Matt Decoster, Chris Butler, Lauren Snyder, Kevin Cragg, Kevin Hines, Marian Rosin
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese
PIZZA REPORT: Near perfection...although I stress the word 'near'. The sauce and cheese distribution was just right, but the crust was just a little brittle. I discovered this while attempting to fold my slice together for quicker (and more New Yorky) injestion. All along the crease the slice of pizza bifurcated. I wouldn't have noticed except the sauce and cheese began to leak through the cracks and burn my hand.
MISC.: Attached is a snapshot of the post-meal euphoria that me and the participants experienced. I splurged and bought a cherry coke which I poured into a styrofoam cup full of ice and shared with Matt Decoster. It was the perfect end to a near perfect slice (once again I stress the word 'near'). I'd describe the cherry coke in more detail, but I'll leave that to resident daily beverage expert, Terry Jinn. Terry--if you haven't had it yet, give it a shot. It's perfect after 18 holes of lousy golf but will do at anytime.

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