Thursday, October 31, 2002

Day 31, 2002: Goodfella's Kitchen (W. Village, NYC)

DAY 31: October 31st
LOCATION: Goodfellas Kitchen (Christopher St and Bleecker St, NYC)
GUEST: Ptolemy Slocum, Mike Birbiglia, Julie Tudor, Marian Rosin, Kevin Hines
ORDER: 3 slices of cheese
PIZZA REPORT: Good pizza is made by the fellas at Goodfellas. Even though they sell by the slice, they seem to know the precise reheat time. I ordered three slices of plain cheese at three different times and came up with carbon copies of an ideal slice every time. It's like a perfected art...if that's possible. Each slice had just the right amount of sauce with a light dusting of cheese. This greatness was all supported by a firm but chewy crust foundation. Goodfellas is pizza heaven. As a matter of fact, after my first bite I swear I could see 4 angels...Kevin insists they are Halloween costumes but I know deep in my heart that Kevin is wrong.

  • Fresh from a Barber shop in Ohio, Ptolemy Slocum came by to eat pizza with me on the final day of pizza month. Turns out, we have the same pizza eating technique! We both occasionally take a random bite out of the crust to keep the toppings:crust ratio constant. See for yourself in this illustration of our half-eaten slices...

  • Photo has not been doctored in any way

  • I was fortunate to meet Mike Birbiglia today but both of us swear we already knew each other. If anyone might know how we know each other, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I guess our relationship will be on hold. He seems like a great guy so hopefully someone out there knows something about our first encounter so we can resume our suspended relationship.

  • Julie Tudor successfully convinced me not to get any hair removed using the 'wax' method.

  • Marian Rosin was wearing a mask...but we all knew it was her.

  • Kevin Hines book-ended the '31 days' by joining me on the first and thirty-first (and several times in between) days of pizza month. Kevin, you really stepped up to help me make personal history and I want you to know that I appreciate it.

  • In addition, I'd like to thank all the people that helped make these past 31 days very memorable and very delicious. Thus concludes the day to day coverage of this endeavor. Stay tuned for further reflections and pizza month stats. Thanks for your attention and have a great November.

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