Monday, October 28, 2002

Day 28, 2002: Nicky's Pizza and Sal's Pizza (Norwood, Bronx)

DAY 28: October 28th
LOCATION: Nicky's Pizza and Sal's Pizza (204th St and Brainbridge Ave, BRONX)
GUEST: Dan Dunford
ORDER: 2 slices of cheese
PIZZA REPORT: Dan couldn't decide between his two favorite Bronx pizzerias so we went to both. I ordered a slice of cheese at each location. Eating the slices at the respective pizzerias in such a short time span enabled me to compare and contrast them in ways previously thought impossible. For instance:
Sal's  Nicky's
* indicates slice was nearly 16" long!

MISC.: Dan Dunford and I agreed that although Cal Ripken breaking the record for the most games played in a row was a phenomenal accomplishment, it should not have been deemed the most memorable 'moment' of baseball history. A streak consisting of over 2,000 games in over 13 seasons exceeds our definition of the word 'moment'. Besides, how could any moment in baseball history be more memorable than when Randy Johnson killed that pigeon with a fastball in spring training last year?

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