Thursday, October 24, 2002

Day 24, 2002: Amish Market (Financial District, NYC)

DAY 24: October 24rd
LOCATION: Amish Market (17 Battery Place, NYC)
GUEST: Zohar Adner and ------- ------
ORDER: 2 slices of funghi, 2 slices of parmigiana
PIZZA REPORT: Choke Gu'zelle! That's Turkish for 'very beautiful'. The people that work at Amish Market are Turkish (not Amish) and could probably have told me how to say 'very tasty' but I forgot to ask them. This pizza was very delicious and the irony is that I used to live in Turkey (when I was in fourth and fifth grade) and used to abhor Turkish pizza. There was a place there called Pizza Hat that made pizza just like Pizza Hut in the States except with no sauce. When you asked for sauce, they would bring you a bottle of ketchup. Yuck. But 'yuck' is the last thing I would say about Amish Market pizza (unless 'yuck' means 'tasty' in Turkish). These oven-fired gems looked and tasted great-especially the funghi pizza. Funghi pizza has just right amount of mushrooms resting atop the perfect amount of melted fresh mozzarella cheese. The parmigiana pizza also tasted great but might have suffered from a minor case of OTS (Overloaded Toppings Syndrome). I still ate two huge slices though so not even OTS can take down good Amish Market pizza. Hey, maybe 'Amish' means 'tasty' in Turkish. Who knows? Choke Amish!
MISC.: Zohar Adner reminded me that picking apples is a great date idea. It's both inexpensive and creative. My new friend/Zohar's co-worker codes websites and talks candidly about intimate topics. Too bad she's already engaged or we may have gone apple-picking one day.

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