Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Day 2, 2002: Ultimate Pizza (Sutton Place, NYC)

DAY 2: October 2nd
LOCATION: Ultimate Pizza (1st ave @ 57th St)
GUEST: Chris Butler, Andy Butterworth
ORDER: 2 slices of cheese
PIZZA REPORT: Absolutely delicious. The slices were just the right size (roughly 12"x12"x3π"). In addition, the crust was crunchy yet chewy which is a tough balance to attain. I was very pleased with the entire eating process and thank Chris for his excellent choice of the 'Ultimate Pizza'.
MISC.: Andy Butterworth perceptively pointed out that an alternate defintion of 'ultimate pizza' is 'last pizza'. Well, while this was delicious, it's far from my 'last pizza' so we'll have to save that interpretation until October 31st.

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