Monday, October 3, 2022

Day 2, 2022: Sauce Pizzeria at Penn Station (Midtown, NYC)


Exterior of Penn Station

Sauce Pizzeria booth

Interior dining area

DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2022

LOCATION: Sauce Pizzeria at Moynihan Food Hall in Penn Station (421 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001)

GUEST(S): Shawn Wickens, Shaun Farrugia, Karen Codd

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese (tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, parmesan, and fresh bocconcini), 1 slice of Pepperoni (tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni, and homemade breadcrumbs), 1 slice of Vodka (mantecato sauce, sliced mozzarella, parmesan, and homemade breadcrumbs)

A quick pre-train bite. The recently completed Penn Station renovation is majestic. Everything is new and, dare I say, clean. There is even an upscale food court called the Moynihan Food Hall with a large dining area and a vast array of culinary options. Thanks to Sauce Pizzeria, one of them has pizza - a somewhat affordable option by midtown New York standards. Unlike the original East Village location, this Sauce Pizzeria outpost has had to make some adjustments to cater to the demand of one of the most highly trafficked transportation centers in the United States. For instance, they have eliminated the complimentary container of "grandma's gravy" (marinara sauce) provided for crust dipping. While this is a signature of Sauce Pizzeria, it is not as necessary because they have also eliminated the thicker crust options at this location. Instead, expect an ultra thin-yet-sturdy underside that is evenly baked in one of several electric ovens.  Fortunately, the Sauce Pizzerias recipes and the high quality ingredients are the same in all of their locations resulting in a solid New York slice every time.  


slice of Vodka

slice of Pepperoni

Cheese Pie

Day 2


Shawn Wickens, Sean Taylor, Karen Codd, Shaun Farrugia

1. Shawn Wickens, Shaun Farrugia and I are three different people that answer to the same name despite our parents spelling it differently. We also all met doing improv comedy at the Magnet Theater.

2. Karen Codd is the first new person I have met in Pizza Month 2022. She 

Arm Wrestlemania 2022

3. After we ate, Shaun and Shawn arm wrestled to a virtual stalemate...eventually, Shon won - please excuse the typo.



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