Thursday, October 28, 2021

Day 25, 2021: Pizzette (E. Williamsburg, Brooklyn)


DAY 25: OCTOBER 25th, 2021

LOCATION: Pizzette (191 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Brad Bensen, Dubbs Weinblatt, Ryan Leach, Rachael Mason

ORDER: 1 slice of Margherita (san marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil), 1 slice of Hot Chili Pizza (Marinated jalapeño, red peppers, mozzarella, arrabiata, fresh oregano), 1 slice of Funghi e Aglio (portobello mushroom, porcini, roasted garlic tomato sauce), 1 slice of Fig & Goat (wine marinated figs, san marzano tomato, goat cheese, baby arugula, walnuts, fig reduction), 1 slice of Flambee (smoked bacon, robiolo cheese, caramelized onion, mushroom), 1 slice of Prosciutto di Parma (tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, roasted garlic)

Happy hour date night. If you are looking for a cute place to bring a date in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, look no further than Pizzette. Start the night early and benefit from happy hour prices on drinks and oysters - but make sure you order the pizza. Each one is made in a hot burning gas oven with creative combinations of high quality toppings. Whether you go on a date, double date, or group date, I recommend exploring the signature pies. I prefer the pizzas with tomato sauce but all of them have unique and interesting flavor profiles.  Take, for instance, the Fig & Goat that brings together wine marinated figs, goat cheese, walnuts, and arugula in all the right ways. Or, if you like it spicy, the Hot Chili pizza has jalapeños, red peppers, and an hot arrabiata sauce in addition to fresh mozzarella cheese. Although some of our pies might have benefitted from a couple more minutes in the oven to ensure a crispier bake (my personal preference), all were tasty. Assuming you are dressed for the weather, sit outside in the seats under the awning. Pizzette is cute and food is great too.



    Flambee pie

    Slice of Margherita

    Prosciutto di Parma

    Fig & Goat pie


    Funghi e Aglio pie

    Hot Chili Pizza

    Day 25

    1. Dubbs Weinblatt and Brad Bensen have roof access. On it, they grow cherry tomatoes and rosemary and watch classic 80’s and 90’s movies. 

    2. Ryan Leach helped change the mascot at his Virginia high school.

    3. Rachael Mason lives in Los Angeles now but is one of my long-time Pizza Month buddies.  She happened to be passing through NYC just in time for pizza month! 

    4. Robin Rothman got me hooked on Essa Bagel.



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    17/21 = .810 x 5 = 4.05

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