Thursday, October 3, 2019

Day 2, 2019: Stiletto's Slice Shop (LES, NYC)



DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2019

LOCATION: Stiletto's Pizza Shop (63 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002)

GUEST(S): Shaun Farrugia and Michael McLarnon

ORDER: 1 slice of G.B.M. (George Brett's Mullet - Kansas City style BBQ chicken, smoked mozz, BBQ sauce, pickles) and 1 slice of Truffle Shuffle (tomato sauce, spicy salami, provel, roni cups, truffle ranch)

Wood-fired slice by day, pie by night. From noon to 5pm, the Lower East Side Speedy Romeo transforms into Stiletto’s Slice Shop. Before you start to worry, let me reassure you that the gorgeous wood-fired brick oven still burns at the far end of the spacious dining area. You can continue to count on the patient and attentive staff and expect a great mix of non-intrusive music while you eat. Actually, the only difference is the menu. Co-owner and renowned chef Justin Bazdarich took the opportunity of the new "Stiletto" name to create some brand new creatively topped pizza concoctions and sell them by the slice! Fortunately for lunchtime patrons, these high quality pizzas are offered at lunchtime prices. The names of the signature slices are as funny as they are unique. George Brett’s Mullet comes with pickles, the Pepperoni slice, the Truffle Shuffle, comes drizzled with truffle ranch sauce. If you love broccoli and cheese, the Brocky Balboa has you covered. Even the least fancy slice, Ze Plain! Ze Plain!, has four different cheeses including provel, which is itself a combination of three cheeses! When you go to lunch at Stiletto’s, be prepared for a flavor-packed pizza experience unlike no other.


slice of Truffle Shuffle

slice of G.B.M.

folded Truffle Shuffle

slice of Brocky Balboa

slice of Ze Plain! Ze Plain!

Day 2


1. Shaun Farrugia, Michael McLarnon and I all took improv comedy classes at the Magnet Theater including Camp Magnet. Michael and I both wore improv comedy theater tshirts. Shaun Farrugia is a regular cast member of a show called You Are Not Alone: An Uplifting Show About Depression.  It is one of the most endearing shows at the theater.

Economy Candy Shop in the LES
2. Michael McLarnon is an amazing coder.  He built a software that helps improv comedy theaters function.  If you are thinking of opening one or know someone who is, contact Michael.  

3. After lunch Michael and I walked into nearby Economy Candy.  I try not purchase anything when I walk down the candy aisle but it is near impossible to walk in and out of Economy Candy and NOT purchase something.  This time i got a Big Hunk and a tote bag.



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