Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day 25, 2017: Martina (E. Village, NYC)


DAY 25: OCTOBER 25th, 2017

LOCATION: Martina (198 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003)

GUEST(S): Paulie Gee, Shaun Farrugia, Michael McLarnon, Amanda Xeller

ORDER: 1 slice of Quattro Formaggi (tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, pecorino toscano, pecorino romano & arugula), 1 slice of Margherita (tomato sauce & mozzarella), 1 slice of Diavola (tomato sauce, salame, pickled hot peppers, mozzarella & pecorino), 1 slice of Salsiccia (tomato sauce, pork sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella & pecorino), 1 slice of Ortolana (white pizza with kale, red onion & pecorino)

Quick and delicious. From the creator of Shake Shack comes a new counter service East Village pizzeria named Martina. The name alludes to owners Danny Meyer and Nick Anderer's previous collaboration named Marta - but unlike its Napoletana older sister, Martina specializes in thin Roman style pies. Although the Margherita provides the most bang for your buck, when in Roman style, do what the Roman style does and focus on the toppings. Take the Salsiccia, for example. This ultra thin signature pie is baked precisely in the gas powered brick oven so as to evenly cook the high quality pork sausage, a generous portion of mushrooms, and cheese blend of mozzarella and pecorina. Pair it with anything from tap water to a $70 bottle of champagne. Other menu items include appetizers and salads that look almost as tasty as the pizza. It's early now so there isn't much of a line, but if Martina becomes the Shake Shack of pizza in popularity, be prepared to get in line!



Ortolana pie


Salsiccia pie

Quattro Formaggi pie

My four food groups


Day 25

Sean, Paulie, Amanda, Michael, Shaun

1. Amanda Xeller co-produces a sketch comedy show with Armando Diaz called Ringers at the Magnet Theater.

2. Michael McLarnon might soon get to use a scooter at his place of work.

3. Shaun Farrugia, Paulie Gee, and I all have technology backgrounds but our true love is pizza.

4. It's fun talking about making pizza at home with Paulie Gee, a guy who installed a brick oven in his backyard then eventually went on to open his own pizzeria. Rumor has it, he'll be opening a slice joint in Greenpoint soon.


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