Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day 22, 2017: Screamer's Pizzeria (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)


The door


DAY 22: OCTOBER 22nd, 2017

LOCATION: Screamer's Pizzeria (620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222)

GUEST(S): Lance Kushner

ORDER: 1 slice of grandma, half a slice of pepperoni (tomato sauce, upton’s seitan pepperoni, vegan cheese), a bite of cheese (tomato sauce, vegan cheese), half a slice of seasonal special (tomato sauce, jalapeño, cauliflower, vegan cheese)

A slice joint for vegans. Screamer's Pizzeria in Greenpoint, Brooklyn proves that a decent slice of vegan pizza is not only a possibility but a solid business model. As a co-owner, chef Mark Mebus's goal is not just to create great vegan pizza but rather create great pizza period.  A steady flow of people into the cozy shop is evidence that the neighborhood has taken notice. As a committed vegan for nearly twenty years, Mebus utilizes high quality meatless and dairy free ingredients to replicate the taste of the pizza of his youth. His concoctions reveal his memory is very strong. The crisp rectangular crust, savory tomato sauce, and basil on the grandma slice create an authentic foundation in both flavor and consistency that the creamy non-dairy cheese enhances by bringing in a new dimension. I have had other vegan pizza before but never a slice as good as the ones I had at Screamer's. As vegan compliant ingredients continue to evolve, I look forward to seeing Screamer's cash only bathroom-less storefront evolve with it.

Slice options

Slice of cheese

Pepperoni slice


Seasonal special


Underside of the grandma

Day 22

1. Lance Kushner and I both won our respective games in nearby Williamsburg Softball Fall League at McCarren park.

2. I had the privilege of talking to the owner, his wife, and their child. 



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10/18 = .556 x 5 = 2.78

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