Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Day 21, 2017: Brother's Pizza (Port Richmond, Staten Island)


Interior dining area
Slice counter

DAY 21: OCTOBER 21st, 2017

LOCATION: Brother's Pizza (750 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302)

GUEST(S): Stefan Dreisbach-Williams

ORDER: 1 slice of Sicilian, 1 slice of grandma, half a slice of Margherita, half a slice of cheese

The Ultimate slice joint. You don't need to tell residents of Port Richmond that Brother's Pizzeria is the ideal spot to grab a slice because they already know (and judging by the line out the door, so does everybody else).  Not only is the pizza good, its also fresh. As opposed to presenting a glass counter with dozens of options, this Staten Island institution offers a limited number of pies so the one you want is either ready now or just about to come out of the oven. Brother's utilizes numerous gas powered deck ovens and a herd of efficient pizza makers to offer a surprising number of pizza styles of varying crust thickness ranging from the ultra thin "Grandma" to the hearty "Sicilian." All are great, but my favorite is the classic cheese. Brother's has been serving it for over 40 years and there is a reason it has stood the test of time. The excellent sauce:cheese:crust ratio enables the perfect fold to take on the go or enjoy in the spacious family-friendly dining area. It's cash only but very reasonably priced. I know I have to take a train to the ferry to a bus to get to Brother's but I'm already planning my return trip.

The bounty






Day 21

At the counter

Stefan in his element
1. Stefan Dreisbach-Williams loves boats. We went on one (the Staten Island ferry) after he had spent the day fixing up another one (a barge) in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Robin at Stoopfest 2017
2. I left for Staten Island from Stoopfest 2017! That's an annual event hosted by Dan & Shelly on their UWS stoop featuring pizza and Robin Rothman: two of my favorite things!

3. Going to Staten Island today marks the fifth and final borough for Pizza Month 2017. It's not the first time I've hit all five boroughs but it still feels good. I love this city and its pizza.


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16.5/18 = .917 x 5 = 4.58

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