Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 8a, 2013: Auto Vino (Menlo Park, CA)

DAY 8a: OCTOBER 8th, 2013

LOCATION: Auto Vino (205 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park, CA)

ORDER: 1/2 of personal Margherita, 1 slice of a combination

GUEST(S): Shawn Amaro, Robin Rothman

Great pizza in the company of fast cars and free flowing wine.  Although it might seem like a recipe for disaster, the cars and the wine are primarily for display purposes only.  Located in Menlo Park, Auto Vino is an event space like no other serving as a storage center for collector cars and fine wine.  On Tuesdays, however, Matt Murphy wheels out a mobile wood-fired oven and cooks up $10 Neopolitan pies.  Although not formally schooled in the Napoli style, Murphy has become a very proficient pizzioli churning out dozens of pies to a satisfied group of business men and women.  The ingredients are fresh and full of flavor.  I recommend the combination pie for the generous amounts of sausage and mushrooms upon the lightly charred soft outer crust.  Either eat your pie in the dining area around the oven or take it inside to see some cars you've likely only seen in movies.  Pair it with whatever wine is out on display to complete the truly unique pizza eating experience.

Park on the street out front and walk to the back where the line is likely to be forming.


My pizza guests eating in the shade of wine barrels

Side angle of the pizza slice

1. The man who cooks the pizza is Matt Murphy.  His wife is also a food blogger.  Her name is Jacolyn Murphy who writes about cool things like popcorn and candy!  Check out her blog here:
2. Robin Rothman and I picked our favorite cars and got a photo next to them.  My choice was a Lambourgini.  Robin chose a cute pastel yellow thing.

3. Shawn Amaro works in the area.  A lot of companies have their headquarters in the vicinity - including Facebook!

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