Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 4b, 2013: Garage Pizza (Culver City, CA)

DAY 4b: OCTOBER 4th, 2013

LOCATION: Garage Pizzeria (4339 W. Sunset Blvd, Culver City, CA)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1/2 slice of Garage Pizza

GUEST(S): Benjamin Oren, Matt Pack, Robin Rothman

A solid New York style slice for a decent price.  The young hipsters that frequent Garage Pizzeria know there is nothing ironic about good tasting pizza.  Perhaps that is why they monopolize the seating area around lunch time at this quaint minimalist slice joint.  It could also be the daily specials that knock two to four bucks off the tab for the same gas powered-deck oven tomato rich slice with well distributed toppings.  I recommend sticking with the cheese but, for the adventuresome, try the "garage slice."  It's effectively a .25 lb cheeseburger on flat bread complete with american cheese and pickles.  The low moisture mozzarella and tomato sauce are above average but the crust could use a bit a salt.  

Garage Pizzeria is located in a mini mall with a decent number of free parking spots so feel free to dine in - but don't stay too long because there is no public restroom.


1. Matt Pack and I used to txt each other when we had a delicious hamburger.  We called these "burger alerts."  We haven't done them though since he moved to LA.  That said, LA makes some amazing burgers.
2. Ben Oren and Robin Rothman are not beyond perusing an US weekly.
3. There was a sign that said "We use 100% New York water" which turned out to be a joke.  I was one of the people who didn't get it and was actually kind of excited they went to all that trouble to ship it in.

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