Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 26, 2013: I Love NY Pizza (Ballston Spa, NY)

DAY 26: OCTOBER 26th, 2013

LOCATION: I Love NY Pizza (327 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa, NY)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Charles Divak, Alana O'Brien, Lance Kushner, Jon Kushner, Robin Rothman

Home sweet homage. Originally from New York City, the owners of Ballston Spa's I Love NY Pizza have created a pizzeria that epitomizes the typical New York street slice.  Complete with a thin, low moisture mozzarella covered center with a large, puffy outer rim, the oily slice with characteristically acidic tomato sauce is all too familiar within the five boroughs.   The differences are what endear I Love NY Pizza from the average hole-in-the-wall sliceria.  Not only is the dining area clean and spacious but there are two working restrooms, a rarity ini the city.  Surrounded by New York City sports memorabilia and portraits of city landmarks, it's an ideal place to take the family for dinner or the team out after the game.  As an added bonus, the people behind the counter actually want you to like the pizza.  The pride in ones product is an important component.  Also, considering the size of the slices, your money goes a long way to filling you up.  It's unlikely I will be in the area of Ballston Spa, but if you are and you are feeling nostalgic for a typical NY slice, check out I Love NY Pizza.



1. Chuck Divak, Lance Kushner, Jon Kushner, Alana O'Brien, Robin Rothman and I had just witnessed our friend and softball teammate Ann Rooney get married to Matt Clifford.  In between the ceremony and the reception, Pizza Month called and we all answered.  This is easily the best dressed group of pizza guests I have ever had join me in my 12 prior years of my quest for the 31 Days of Pizza.
Panaramic photo from the ceremony I am particularly proud of (Matt at the alter, Ann is coming down the aisle)
Softball players clean up nicely
2. Chuck Divak is from the surrounding area and knows an awful lot about the battle of Saratoga (actually more than one battle) and the history of Ballston Spa.

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