Saturday, October 14, 2006

Day 14, 2006: Fascati Pizza (Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn)

LOCATION: Fascati Pizza (80 Henry St, Brooklyn Heights, NYC)
GUEST(S): Mark Lee, Terry Jinn, cameos by Lou and Ace Fernandez
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of pepperoni
PIZZA REPORT: Super-standard.  I may have invented that word but this slice was the opposite of "substandard".  Why then am I using the root word "standard"?  Because this pizza looks, cooks, smells, and feels like the typical New York slice.  But it tastes much better.  Just like the standard NY slice, it has a thin underside, thicker edges, the occasional bubble, and the requisite layer of orange oil drips down the palm of your hand. But this pizza utilizes a tomato sauce loaded with added seasonings (so you don't have to) and blends shredded mozzarella with cheddar (or some other flavor enriching cheese) providing something extra in each bite.  The pepperoni slice I had consisted of well distributed spicy pepperoni that curled up into little bowls of oil in the best way possible.  I must confess that I did not order 'by the slice' so there is potential that a fresh pizza gives me a biased view but at least visually, the slices looked pretty similar. 
ATMOSPHERE: On a cold day, the heat emanating from the ovens would likely provide the perfect amount of warmth for the entire store.  Since it was not a cold day, we were hot.  Since Fascati's is not very large (5 tables) there is not really anywhere to go to avoid the heat, so we endured.  The folks behind the counter must have had worse (given their proximity to the ovens) yet kept a chipper attitude.  They seem to care about making a good quality product and took special pride when I thanked them on my way out.   if you're in the Brooklyn Heights area and have a hankerin' for quality NY slice, go to Fascati's.
VERDICT: 3.5 out of 5 
MISC.: Mark Lee, Terry Jinn and I talked about food theory, ice cream, and podcasts.
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